Our Technical Program Committee has been working to create sessions that can be the most beneficial to our attendees. Below is the preliminary list of ACM Speakers that will be giving Podium Presentations about their experiences, research and knowledge with you. We will be continuing to recruit people and organizations to offer podium presentations as well as poster presentations at the conference. 

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Are you interested in adding your work to our program? Consider submitting an abstract for review. You can host a Podium Presentation in one of our sessions or provide a Poster Presentation to describe your work. Submit an abstract now.

Session Topic

Speaker Name


Plenary Speaker Lucy Carpenter University of York
Plenary Speaker Paul Ziemann University of Colorado Boulder
Applications and Implications Ajith Kaduwela CARB
Applications and Implications Heather Simon US EPA
Applications and Implications Jen Kaiser Georgia Institute of Technology
Applications and Implications Michael Benjamin CARB
New Techniques Eleanor Browne University of Colorado Boulder
New Techniques John Crounse Cal Tech
New Techniques Hanna Vehkamäki University of Helsinki
Oxidation Beyond Alkanes Joel Thornton University of Washington
Oxidation Beyond Alkanes Kelley Barsanti UC Riverside
Oxidation Beyond Alkanes Lea Hildebrant UT Austin
RO2 Chemistry Mani Sarathy King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
RO2 Chemistry Torsten Berndt Leibnez Institute
RO2 Chemistry Lavinia Onel LEEDS
SARS and Chemical Mechanisms Deborah Leucken US EPA
SARS and Chemical Mechanisms Luc Vereecken Institute of Energy and Climate Research
SARS and Chemical Mechanisms Bernard Aumont LISA