2020 Program Topics

2020 Program Topics

The first fully virtual ACM Conference was a resounding success with 237 registrants 63 principal presentations, 19 Lightning Presentations, a training, a panel discussion and a final keynote. While we couldn't see everyone in person due to COVID, the conference was streamed into each person's home through our virtual platform. Researchers, regulators and academics had meaningful discussions that crossed topics and country borders. 

We hope the 2022 conference, back at UC Davis will be as invigorating and cogent. Mark your calendars now for December 7-9, 2022!

New Tools for 21st Century Air Quality Problems

Session Chairs: Annele Virtanen, University of Eastern Finland & John Wenger, University of College Cork

Indoor Chemistry and Emerging Anthropogenic Pollutants

Session Chairs: Brian McDonald, NOAA & Havala Pye, US EPA

COVID and Other Extreme Events

Session Chairs: Will Porter, University of California, Riverside,  Alex Archibald, University of Cambridge, & Annele Virtanen, University of Eastern Finland

Wildfire Chemistry

Session Chairs: Alex Archibald, University of Cambridge & John Wenger, University of College Cork

Fundamental Oxidation Chemistry

Session Chairs: Bill Carter, University of California, Riverside

Current and New Atmospheric Chemical Mechanisms

Session Chairs: Andrew Rickard, York University & William Stockwell, University of Texas at El Paso

Atmospheric Chemistry in Public Health and Regulatory Applications

Session Chairs: Melissa Venecek, California Air Resources Board & Jim Kelly, US EPA