The first fully virtual ACM Conference in 2020 was a resounding success with 237 registrants 63 principal presentations, 19 Lightning Presentations, a training, a panel discussion and a final keynote. While we couldn't see everyone in person due to COVID, the conference was streamed into each person's home through our virtual platform. Researchers, regulators and academics had meaningful discussions that crossed topics and country borders. 

We hope the 2022 conference, back at UC Davis will be as invigorating and cogent. Mark your calendars now for December 7-9, 2022!



In-Person at UC Davis Conference Center & Online



The AQRC has a mission to aid in the sharing of research and information related to air quality and the Atmospheric Chemical Mechanisms Conference aim is just that! For the past 35 years, photochemical mechanisms have been a critical component of air quality models that are used to 1) predict the concentrations of criteria pollutants such as ozone, NO2, and PM2.5, and 2) develop strategies to decrease the concentrations of these pollutants. Because of their importance in the regulation and reduction of these pollutants, chemical mechanisms must continue to be improved as our knowledge of the complex processes that occur in the atmosphere develops. These improvements are necessary in order to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the model predictions both now and in future atmospheres, and to increase our confidence in the appropriateness of control strategies. These improvements will also help extend their scope to other atmospheric pollutants, such as hazardous air pollutants. The focus of this conference is to foster continued research and development of chemical mechanisms. We will also conduct analyses that will address immediate improvements needed in chemical mechanisms.

We have brought together the top scientists from around the globe to share their research findings and discuss new approaches and methods to improve on our ever-developing understanding of how the chemical constituents of our atmosphere, impact the earth's climate and the air upon which all life depends.

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