The UC Davis Air Quality Research Center understands your concern about the coronavirus and in-person events. As an organization we put the health of our employees, partners and attendees first. This brings up several questions we are happy to answer for you...

As of right now, will the conference be held in person?

Yes, this conference is a planned in-person event that will continue to be so until further notice. No matter the situation, we will have a virtual attendance option available to all interested persons. 

What if I don't feel safe attending the conference in person due to the coronavirus?

We will be live-streaming the full conference and would welcome your participation as a Virtual Attendee. Learn more about virtual attendance here. 

If there is still a public health risk to large gatherings or a continued stay-at-home order, will this conference still happen?

Yes, we will shift this conference to being fully virtual if there is a large public health risk or continued stay-at-home recommendations. 

When will you make these determinations?

While we cannot give you an exact date of when decisions will be made, we do promise to keep you up to date with all conference proceedings if you subscribe to our mailing list here. We will also be sure to make announcements here as we have them.

Where are you getting your information about COVID-19?

We are actively following the World Health Organization and it's recommendations. You too can learn how to keep yourself safe by visiting the WHO website: